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Welcome to Your Seamless Real Estate Journey! Here’s a simple breakdown of how we make your dream property yours:

Property Selection

You choose your dream property (with our team expert guidance, of course). A reservation fee of $5,000 USD secures your choice, locking in the price and preventing the property from being sold to others.

Due Diligence

Over the next 2-3 weeks, you have the opportunity to gather necessary paperwork and consult with a lawyer. Any modifications needed in the contract are made during this time. Once both parties agree, the contract is digitally signed. At this stage, a 30% down payment of the purchase price is required, paid via international wire transfer.

Remaining Payments

The remaining 70% is paid as per the developer’s terms. Some opt for instalment payments, while others require the balance upon unit delivery.

Completion & Key Handover

Once your unit is ready and the full payment is made, you receive the keys to your new home.

Legal Procedures

Our expert legal team assists in setting up a bank trust (necessary for foreign buyers) and obtaining your title through a notary.

Financing Options

If financing is needed, our trusted local partner offers up to 64% coverage with a 4% interest rate and a 9.5-year period. For Canadians and Americans, no Mexican residency or credit history is required. Simply provide your ID, Credit Score & Credit Report, bank statements, and Income Tax from the past year, and we handle the loan application process.

Your dream property ownership made simple and secure. Let’s make it happen!

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